Winter School
Lecture Materials
Sunday January 6, 2013
Hong / Rienstra

Monday January 7, 2013
Klaus Schmidt-Rohr

Matthias Ernst

Tuesday January 8, 2013

Chris Jaroniec

Yoshitaka Ishii
Paramagnetic NMR (Updated 1/7/13)

Stanley Opella

Wednesday January 9, 2013

Chad Rienstra
Workshop: Computational aspects of protein structure determination: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Tutorial Files

Tim Cross

Philip Grandinetti
NMR of quadrupolar nuclei (Updated 1/10/13)

Thursday January 10, 2013
Mei Hong
Advanced Topics (Updated 1/8/12)

Chris Jaroniec

Matthias Ernst

Stan Opella
Advanced Topics (Updated 1/10/13)

Tim Cross

Friday January 11, 2013
Bob Griffin
Advanced Topics (Updated 1/11/13)

Yoshitaka Ishii
Advanced Topics

Philip Grandinetti
Advanced Topics (Updated 1/11/13)

Problem Sets

Rob Tycko

Required Software

Please install and test the following software before arriving in Stowe.

  • XPLOR-NIH - Molecular Structure Determination Package
  • VMD-XPLOR - Visualization Package for NMR Structure Refinement.
Recommended Software
  • SPINEVOLUTION - Spin Dynamics Numerical Simulation Program.
  • NMRPipe - Spectral Processing and Analysis System.
  • Sparky - NMR Spectral Viewing and Assignment Software.